New year resolutions

My new year resolutions is accepting others, unconditional love, and only be in relationships that influence you/are good for your mental health. I’ve learned to ignore the voice in my head that tends to think negatively of other people. and to love and accepted them, and most of all myself. By far I have a good feeling about 2015; it has a new and warm welcoming, I feel eager and ready to experience the new year already. I feel prepared to move forward and discover/learn more about myself.


Our mind

She often felt that way; just being a child, perhaps life has been good to her,  just stubborn- a bull running through a field of roses, tearing life away by the horns. Friends whom she left behind, are asking for her- sending signals of guilt in which had torn her apart, all of the nice things they never told her the whole time we knew each other, somehow appeared. “Josie, you the sky that beckons on, lighting the stars with your everlasting mind.” Josie thought of these words; driving endlessly into her new life.

Journal Entry

He awoke to the sound of humming; he then knew his recording of himself sleeping was a success. He figured that if he watched himself, sleep would answer the untold discoveries about him, and his actions. His lips smiled with satisfaction until he had realized it was not himself on screen.

Considering Outliers

When you think you’re different from everyone else, it may be because you feel like you are, and you’re eager to be “special.” Or another thing, you truly are different, but as everyone we are all different, sometimes others are more coordinated and are eager to labeling than some. Why is there labels? I’d prefer to address the question, although I should be speaking about my points of view about life.

I’m currently in high school, sophomore year as I am writing this- trying to sound profound and having my own sense of “voice.” I do have a voice, it happens when I often speak, and my friends tell me that I sound angry when I text. I ask them: why? My best friend, Wyatt looked at me jokingly,

“You don’t add emoticons.”

“I add emoticons!” I shot back, He looked at me; laughing he said I didn’t. I told him I wanted to sound sophisticated. I’m not sophisticated, I just assume that I don’t add emoticons.

Technology is strange; while I am forever changing, and I am rather strange. A child of constant forms of electricity, eager to be powered through devices of the modern era. Computers are now are own personal servants, “which shall I search for you my dear?” Google looks at me adjusting his glasses with his monotone voice. “Images of Benedict Cumberbatch.” I say, adjusting my own glasses so I can gaze upon my favorite actor of BBCs

There is so much more I could be doing, but instead I chose to look at pictures of a british actor whom I wish to meet. This is my life; an outlier of the modern era.

As I look back on my life I notice so many strange faces, it makes my eyebrows scrunch up as if I am walking down the hallway of my own museum inspecting my own display of life.

My Infinite Dream

As your mind creates and projects thoughts; they transform into messages in dreams. Your are constantly awake; mentally and emotionally. My dreams feel infinite; just spread out into different scenes and part/acts. Dreaming about things that are unusual; usually reflects something about yourself, even when you don’t think they do. There was a period of time when I was having dreams that I was angry at my friend, even though recently he hasn’t done anything wrong. And then I realized that mentally and self consciously that I’m still angry at him; for some apparent reason. These dreams lead into a new dimension and way of thinking in a certain perspective. One of these occurring dreams was a sign that I was exasperated- in a sense that I wasn’t or felt angry in person, but mentally. I decided to look deeply; was it because he refuses to have lord of the ring marathons? Who knows, but I realized that talking to someone about different subjects; topics that may effect your emotional appeal, may heal the unknown anger in dreams.


I do have fears, rather odd ones to be precise. When I was younger I was afraid of E.T, and geese. They were the two major factors that terrified me. I never truly knew why E.T scared me; yet he did, perhaps a alien native nice as can be could be terrifying. Geese? self explanatory. They chase you, hiss, they are demons in disguise! I’m still afraid of them. Not ducks, ducks are cute, but geese.


Adversity is the silence, the pureness of one’s one life. A dream kept inside within bars, you are your own person at will. Dreams collide, pathways churn into a million specs of eyes outlooking ones own. I am my own adversity; a single creation part of heartbreak; life turning away from a thousand infinite dreams. Life goes on as ever; helpless, endless nights of being.